:What is living a Wisdom Culture Life ?

Living a life that is true to ourselves and Synergies with GROWING OURSELVES as CONSCIOUS BEINGS .

How ?

:Partially, By living with the center of NATURE, in the fullness.  Food Forests, Earthen lodging and Spaces for quiet times boosting emotionally centering &: nourish us.  This way of living life with a softer footprint & giving to the totality of that which surrounds us in meaningful ways.  Being deeply  cognoscente of these choices we make for our foods and how they are prepared.

What flavor can be known from fresh foods!

Where ?

:Leanne-R: Phillips. “A women who chose to forge a path off the grid to create Wisdom Culture Life.  a near 34 acre natural living Space in AZ in January of 2017. The progress is continuing with a Food forest of over 160 tress and Solar Well.  In August a base solar system was completed. With challenges along the way that become opportunities for solutions. Leanne continues to be enamored with the beauty and stillness of this land and a deeper sense of harmony and strength in being born within her.”

Why ?

” What is currently “AS we boldly move with the current NOW’S of LIFE. Many have noticed the very high levels of distress. Frequent physical disorders, Emotional and addictive imbalances, Major dis-harmony through waste, harsh exposure’ & Tainted foods. Some People have moments with symptoms like Mind Chatter. Fight or flight feelings, Some of this being triggered with Mind Control tactics through private Corporate systems.


Would you like to gain greater wellness, learn more and be supported in new ways ?

:Leanne currently CREATES/SHARES her online One with one Personal Sessions & Group online Events. Just check the link on the top of this page.Have you ever heard the term “GOVERN YOURSELF of be GOVERNED?? Curious? Be on one of your Claim your life, Quantum Grammar & Living Calls.

Leanne’s path of living a Wisdom Culture life.

:Leanne offers her favorite Essential oils and can make special blends for people. Natures Oils have been a vital gift to Leanne’s life for many year and she share these, teaches regularly and offers Pure essence Reflexology sessions.

:Leanne accepts loving contributions of  – Materials for the foods forest and natural living project – Funds – Volunteers for day or longer – Support for fund raisers and other generous and supportive contributions.

What is real …..

:WE can choose a path of learning continually for our personal growth &
 the Betterment of that we connect with".

:Leanne-R: Phillips.

:Leanne is a re-source optimist with persistence, and her life shows it.

” How you live your life tells the story of who you are “