“Grow Your Life” :NOW-SPACE-Learning.

“FLIP THE TIDE”  Through Knowledge & GROWING Yourself. Being the BEST you can be in this World. Even when challenges come. Be part of the COMMUNITY, that is Living the Change & Being of Light.”

~0 “Quantum Grammar>Systems>Foundations Sessions.”

” Is your choice that of being a LEADER  &: WISE LISTENER? Taking challenges & then, Transform them &: GROW WITH THESE CHOICES?” :Leanne’s life is a clear testimonial that The Quantum Systems are here for the people &: with the Correct knowledge & Connections, work BEAUTIFULLY!”

” What is CLAIMING-YOUR-LIFE? ” Vacating being a captive, of Non-valid/Written-Words. The First PATHWAY for this, is with your Gaining knowledge “HOW? Connect to our Zoom Meeting or Personal Sessions.

“Personal Packages. ~3-~1 hour Sessions Or ~6-~ 1 hour Sessions. ”

~1 “Earth Touch” :Grow your Foods Solutions. Bigger, Smaller MAKE IT WORK, Tutoring/Mentor ship are HERE.: Leanne completed her permaculture Course, Life in the Soils, Microscope Course & She is with the life’s knowledge of living this path. Much for SHARING for your GROWTH”

~2OFF  The Power Grid & Natural Life Mentor ship” Are you willing to START & GO! Live The Change? Tutoring/Mentor ship is HERE.”

~3 “FOODS & SPECIFICS OF YOUR LIFE”   Where do you feel you need HELP?. Stressing your Body, Mind & Soul ?” “CREATE YOUR CLEARER & DEEPER ROOTS with this Mentor ship.” “:Leanne Shares Centering Knowledge for your Journey.”

: You can make one of these Sliding Scale Contributions services. This Further FUNDS :Leanne’s Off the Power Grid Food Forest Start-up &: Life. ”

“Personal Packages.”

~3-~1 +”hour Sessions $120.00-155.00 for all 3 Sessions.”

~6-~ 1 +”hour Sessions $220.00-280.00 for all 3 sessions.”

“:Note. Sessions are with the flow of the Moment, Some longer, Some Very near the ~1 hour.”

“:Note-Each Session, can be with Focuses on the lists. ”

: Leanne-R: Phillips.