: CONNECT-WITH, : Leanne-R: Phillips. For the Widening of Your Synergy>Knowledge, With a Quantum Conscious Journey, is with the CONNECTION here in SYNERGY with Nature & BRIGHTNESS.                                                                                      :ZERO-POINT, A PERSONAL COURSE, With An ~8 PART CONNECTION/VASTNESS IN YOUR POTENTIALS OF SPECIFIC QUANTUM JOURNEYING.                                                                          

: ZERO-POINT, : OFF-GRID-Journey-Getaway & Withdrawing, OUT of Your Norm.


: ZERO-POINT-GUIDE, : Leanne-R: Phillips, & HELPERS.

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:WHO-IS, : Leanne-R: Phillips. ?? A Mover of Life, Doing things that Bring More Vibrancy For OUR Physical Forms, Consciousness, This EARTH & BEYOND. : Leanne, Shares “A”Bout Her Challenges & Courage With The JOURNEYS IN The NOW-MOMENTS & Topics In A Vital Position, For Making Your Life The Brightest Of Journeys. :MORE>>: https://wisdomculturelife.com/zero-point-off-g…-journey-getaway/



(:Wisdom Culture Life’s FOCUSES.:)


:WAY-SHOWING.[ “How You Live Your Life, Is The VIBRATION Of Who You Are”]

:NATURE, [ in the fullness.  BEING THE CLARITY in the NOW with a Softer Footprint for this EARTH PLAN, GIVING DEEP SELF CARE, THEN GROWING THIS FORWARD> ]

:CONNECTIONS.:Leanne-R: Phillips. [“A women who chose to forge a path off the grid to create Wisdom Culture Life.  a near 34 acre natural living Space in AZ in January of 2017. The progress is continuing with a Food forest of over 160 tress and Solar Well.  In August a base solar system was completed. With challenges along the way that become opportunities for solutions. Leanne continues to be enamored with the beauty and stillness of this land and a deeper sense of harmony and strength in being born within her.”]

:Leanne, [ offers her favorite Essential oils and can make special blends for people. Natures Oils have been a vital gift to Leanne’s life for many years, : Leanne,  share, teaches and offers Pure Essence OILS & Reflexology Sessions.] my.doterra.com/wisdomculturelife                                                             :CURRENT-GETAWAY-JOURNEY-PAGE. : https://wisdomculturelife.com/zero-point-off-g…-journey-getaway/

:Leanne,  [ HONORS,  Loving Contributions of – Materials for the Foods Forest and Natural Living Pro-jects & Funds.]

 ( : CLAIM Your Life ?? Curious? LOOKING for the CREATION of A Personal QUANTUM SPACE? LOOKING for KNOWLEDGE Of WHAT THIS IS??? 🙂 lastflagstanding.com  :Leanne-R: Phillips. ~POSTMASTERS-~WEST.

(:Leanne is a Source [Op]timist, with SPARKS For The CHOICES, THAT BRING UP-GRADES! 🙂