:This is, a current Crowd funding through Go Fund Me.

“One Courageous Woman took a Major Leap in her 50’s and moved to a 30+ acre parcel of land in the wilderness. She focuses on Sustainability and Giving to that which surrounds her, for the Earth & the People. Many people know her for being An Authentic teacher of Organic Gardens, Natural Living, and Health. She loves Working on the Land & is focused on Solutions. She supports herself in many ways, however, with specific situations reaching for help has its place. ”
“Currently She needs Urgent Dental Work, that has far reaching health consequences if not solved. Funds are needed here for the creating of Wholeness & Solving her Dis-comfort.  ” A dear friend came forward when she shared her deep stress. She “re”sisted the concept of Asking in such a way at first. Then something shifted with the feeling of a yes for her opening to “re”cieving the Support/Gifts of the Many. ”
” This EARTH & Its PEOPLE need more Smiling, Eco, Off-the-Grid Women. Focusing on Bettering the World, Beautification of Lives, Soil, While She Continues, with the Sacred Food Forest Start up. She even learned how to Self Govern her Land & Claim Your Life in Quantum.”
“Help :Leanne-R: Phillips. KEEP SMILING, SOLVE her Dis-comfort &: Dis-traction, While she moves forward with Pioneering & Sharing knowledge of Holistic Living.  She now is Questing for the support needed.” “****HER GO FUND ME LINK IS HERE.” www.gofundme.com/f/HELP-this-OFF-GRID-PIONEER-WOMAN-Keep-Smiling  “Button on the home page as well.With pictures of the Land & “A first stage Estimate for the Deep Tooth Damage, From a Highly Recommended & Experienced Dental Expert in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico. Dr. Roberto Cruces who have viewed her series of records & Conveyed the need for a full upper mouth reconstruction. Several Professional Dental people know of Urgency for CARE. ”
” :Note, This is the same Recommendation as when :Leanne. went to two local Dental Schools seeking help. So three groups confirmed this treatment path. The whole upper palate of teeth must be done together. Reconstruction/Bite/Capping & Further methods as needed.  Some lower teeth need work, it’s just not as urgent. ”
“~For a Gift of what your guidance calls forward is with the vast :GRATITUDE & Heart felt loving beauty for your sharing!
“~For the SHARING with further Humans, for the roots of potential, is with furthering the In-spiration & Vitality of connections for people’s lives. ”
” For those who convey a gift of ~200.00 or more. :Leanne, can Gift/Share one of her personal Tutoring Session for Gardening, Self-Governing/Quantum Grammar, Off grid Living & Further knowledge for those who want this. ”
:”Grow Your Life” :NOW-SPACE-Learning.
~0 “Quantum Grammar>Systems>Foundation>Sessions.” ~1 “Earth Touch” ~2 “OFF  The Power Grid & Natural Life Mentor ship” ~3 “FOODS & SPECIFICS OF YOUR LIFE”  Link> https://wisdomculturelife.com/project/
” Contribute-Popular Items,  for our Auction.” Current Items here> https://wisdomculturelife.com/sample-page/   ”
“Living the path where she is with, Lighter &: More Nourishing ways in her presence here on this EARTH.”
“:One of the Dormant-Apricot-Trees, :Leanne Cares for.”
55287688_1615833878681024_r.jpeg“:Leanne, personally put in near 1,200′ of used Field Fencing For Safe guarding her trees from the deer, & near 120 used-posts.”