:What-is,:STRUCTURING?                                                                         If you pour a gallon of water into a stream at the top of a mountain and collect it at the bottom, the water becomes transformed by the natural, repeated geometric twisting and double vortexing on its winding path, with the natural elements the water touches,  In this process the water becomes structured.  Clayton Nolte’s devices emulate this natural process, and the outcome is the same.  One feature of that transformation is the addition of life force energy.  Some refer to this as chi or prana.  It is also referred to as biophoton energy, which can be measured.  It involves how the water molecule is changed and how the surface tension and cluster size of water molecules are reduced. 

NAT units can be used as stand-alone devices or in conjunction with physical filtration systems.  If used with physical filters it will only make the water better as it will infuse it with additional attributes that no physical filter can. (such as lower the surface tension making it more hydrating at the cellular level, infuse it with life force energy, erase negative imprints “what we call memory” of what the water had been exposed to since coming out of nature, etc.:) :Leanne-R: Phillips. “SHARES 10% SAVINGS ON THESE UNITS”

In layman’s terms, the function of structured water involves cleansing, protecting and energizing life.  Its mandate is to protect us from adverse elements (toxins), and enhance those things that are beneficial for life.  Structured water can help to erase imprints of negative energy to which it has been exposed, and to aid in more effectively removing toxins from the body due to its increased ability to pick up, surround and isolate toxins. Scientifically, this is often referred to as the colloidal effect.   This allows for more efficient removal of toxins through natural elimination and delivers more nutrients and energy at the same time.  When combined, this results in better overall health by increased cellular function.  The body simply has less toxic load to filter out at the same time it has cleaner more energetic water to be delivered.  Structured water is healthy, alive and full of life force energy.  When we drink structured water, we drink in the life giving properties of hydration, oxygenation, and nutrient absorption. 




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Here’s a video explaining how the NAT water structuring units work:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIqafZYIdyU

Here’s a video explaining how the NAT water structuring units work:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIqafZYIdyU


There are many ways to see how water has been changed after passing through a NAT water structuring device. 

”  https://structuredwaterandair.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Hagalis_AG_Lab_Report_test_results_and_conclusions.pdf  ”

“You can learn more on the science of structured water here:)  https://structuredwaterandair.com/the-science-of-structured-water/