“One Courageous Woman took a Major Leap in her 50’s and moved to a 30+ acre parcel of land in the wilderness. She focuses on Sustainability and Giving to that which surrounds her, for the Earth & the People. Many people know her for being An Authentic teacher of Organic Gardens, Natural Living, and Health. She loves Working on the Land & is focused on Solutions.She even learned how to Self Govern her Land & Claim Your Life in Quantum.”
:Leanne-R: Phillips. is moving forward with Pioneering & Sharing knowledge of Holistic Living. ”

“:Leanne Currently hosts online meetings & shares the Vital Knowledge she gains with her S-e-l-f  G-o-v-e-r-n-i-n-g Peaceful Path. Living the path where she is with the, Lighter &: More Nourishing Presence here on this EARTH.”  “Bring HONORING & GIVING LIGHT, for the SOURCES that ENERGIZE this PATH of  VAST LEARNING Potential .   ”

For your Vital-Knowledge-Path-Connection is with the Choice-of-Learning for the Skills-Methods of which Claim-Your-Life. “SOLIDLY” ” Vacate being a captive, of the Fraudulently-Written-Words. ”

” GROW YOUR LIFE,  Personal Connection for your Learning ”

~0 “Quantum Grammar/Systems Way-shower Sessions.”

“Personal Packages. ~3-~1 hour Sessions Or ~6-~ 1 hour Sessions. ”

~1 “Earth Touch” :Grow your Foods Solutions. Bigger, Smaller MAKE IT WORK, Tutoring/Mentor ship is HERE.”

~2OFF  The Power Grid & Natural Life Mentor ship” Are you willing to START & GO! Live The Change? Tutoring/Mentor ship is HERE.”

~3 “Are your “FOODS & SPECIFICS”  &: Further Connections. Stressing your Body, Mind & Soul ? Why let this block your personal Evolution/Strength of will? Is your choice that of being a LEADER  &: WISE LISTENER? Taking challenges & then, Transform them to Vibrant Shinning Light, As you GROW WITH THESE CHOICES?” “Mentor ship is here