: CONNECT-WITH, : Leanne-R: Phillips. For the Widening of Your Synergy>Knowledge, With a Quantum Conscious Journey, is with the CONNECTION here in SYNERGY with Nature & BRIGHTNESS.                                                                                      :ZERO-POINT, A PERSONAL COURSE, With An ~8 PART CONNECTION/VASTNESS IN YOUR POTENTIALS OF SPECIFIC QUANTUM JOURNEYING.                                                                          

: ZERO-POINT, : OFF-GRID-Journey-Getaway & Withdrawing, OUT of Your Norm.


: ZERO-POINT-GUIDE, : Leanne-R: Phillips, & HELPERS.

~OCTOBER, ~29 & ~30, >>: MORE, Click-Here.                                                                                                            : Off The GRID JOURNEYS.                                                                           :”A”Bout. : Leanne-R: Phillips.

:WHO-IS, : Leanne-R: Phillips. ?? A Mover of Life, Doing things that Bring More Vibrancy For OUR Physical Forms, Consciousness, This EARTH & BEYOND. : Leanne, Shares “A”Bout Her Challenges & Courage With The JOURNEYS IN The NOW-MOMENTS & Topics In A Vital Position, For Making Your Life The Brightest Of Journeys. :MORE>>: https://wisdomculturelife.com/zero-point-off-g…-journey-getaway/