: ZERO-POINT, : OFF-GRID-Journey-Getaway.

: ZERO-POINT, : OFF-GRID-Journey-Getaway & Withdrawing, OUT of Your Norm.


: ZERO-POINT-GUIDE, : Leanne-R: Phillips. :PLUS-HELPERS.

~OCTOBER,~29,~30. (: With the 31st as a Silence-Bonus-Day. : Note,This Write Up, has Elements of Quantum Writing & is with a different Look & Sometimes Spelling. 🙂                                         : CREATE-A-NEW-VIEW. This Events Focus, is for the Gathering of Ones Calm & Centering, While Gaining Knowledge of A DEEPER FEELING OF who You Are in a more Clear-Now-Space.                       : GAINS, Furthering your Knowledge of Health, Quantum Communication, OFF GRID Living, Silence of the Verbal Speak for Parts of the Stay & Touches of Gardening.                                                                               THIS IS A RUSTIC, MORE IN SECLUSION LOCATION, With a near ~10 Mile Dirt Road, Most Vehicles Traverse the Road, it has Some Washboard & You feel it. Carpools are With The Potential. Changing Dates, If LOTS or RAIN, make the Roads Very Muddy, The Date of the GETAWAY-TIMING Shifts.                                                                                                           :WHO-IS, : Leanne-R: Phillips. ?? A Mover of Life, Doing things that Bring more Vibrancy For OUR Physical Forms, Consciousness, This EARTH & BEYOND. : Leanne, Share Knowledge of Many Topics, ~0. : Personal-Shifting, With : Leanne’s, : COURSE. >> : ZERO-POINT. A MULTI ELEMENT SERIES OF PERSONAL CALLS & MAILINGS, with A MAIN FOCUS of Vacating “DE-MES” tication as a CORE JOURNEY. Part of which are, Gaining such a Deeper Knowing of Your Personal Clarity for the lowering of Core Personal Conflicts & Shifting OUT of the Various Waste-ings & the Draining of Ones Life Vibrancy. This COURSE MORPHS With The PERSON, As They Move Forward In Each : NOW-SPACE with the Flow of the Course.                                                                          ~1. : INTRODUCTION, For The Quantum-Language, Quantum-Claims & Contracts. : JOURNEY-SHARES & INTRODUCTION-WITH, : Leanne’s, Personal-KNOWLEDGE-Base of the CONNECTING With The Many-Parts of the Claims & The Shifting of your position with a Vastness of Personal Benefits/Growth,                                                                                         ~2. : FOODS-JOURNEY, For the FINDING Of The Things, YOU-DO-NOT-KNOW-YET??, in Ways that Support Minimizing Congesting in the Body, Help Calm the Systems, Better-Cognitive-Function. PLUS?                                                                                             ~3. : OFF-GRID-SHARES. What is found that Work’s, or is with the Learning of what needs a Different-JOURNEY-PATH. : SHARES FOR YOUR POTENTIAL OF MORE-PATH.                                                                                                      :~4. : GARDENING-With, Loving-SYNERGY. Perseverance-Focusing-HELP. : Touch-INS, For What You Do Not Know Yet?? : ROOTS For LIFE.                                                                                              : What’s-here FOR YOUR ZERO-POINT Stay? RV PARKING “VACANT OF HOOK UPS”, ,TENT CAMPING, ONE LONG INSIDE SHARE SPACE,  OR YOU CAN SET UP & SLEEP BELOW THE STARS. There is WATER IN SPECIFIC LOCATIONS, A Composting Toilet, FOOD Preparation Areas with plug ins, POWER Used Very Specificalli. Sun Warming of WATER, “TEMPERATURES VERY For YOUR RINSING”                                                                                                 This Area is Near ~12 [de]grees COOLER Then Phoenix. : Clarity.                                                                                                         : RE-FERENCES ARE RE-QUIRED FOR YOUR COMING.  A Written Questionnaire is sent out, AS Part of the Preparation For The Getaway,  There Is A~30 minute, ZERO POINT Session, for being things in MORE SYNERGY For The EVENT, This is a [Re]Quirement for Your Coming. There is a Sliding Scale Fee for this SPECIFIC-SESSION.                                    : ZERO-POINT-JOURNEY.                                                                               :Synopsis-STEPS.                                                                                          ~0. Complete-Questionnaire & Get-Confirmation For The Personal-Call. The Waiver & Stipulations Document is Sent For Your Viewing. ~1. : Your-Give, a Sliding-Scale-Funds-Contribution, That is For The Personal-Call With a Consultation.                                                             ~2. Once things are clear for Your being at the Gathering, Send in the Waiver, With the Stipulations Document, Transparency Documents Done Fulli & clearli.                                                           Here you Conduct Yourself with Caring & Honor.                                   : The. : ZERO-POINT-VISIT-JOURNEY-IT-SELF, Is With Your SUPPORT, Of  The GIVING In Your Heart-Felt, Choice-Of-Funds. Vacant of a the Specific Numerical [Re]Quirement. : GIVE with your Heart-Simple. It is the Focus of this Gathering That Each Person Connects IN Ways That Help with Clairti, Honor, THAT Bring Vast Betterments Forward,

 THIS IS A RUSTIC, MORE IN SECLUSION/LOCATION,                                                                                                                                                   :WHO IS, : Leanne-R: Phillips. ?? A Mover of Life, Doing things that Bring more Vibrancy For OUR Physical Forms, Consciousness, This EARTH & BEYOND. : Leanne, Share Knowledge of Man                      : Some Terms, ZERO-Alcoholic-Beverages, ZERO DRUG TRIPS, EMF STAYS LOW , With WI Fi OFF, Blue Tooth OFF & Further transmissions from these [de]vices Off. Phones-Here, are just for Private Conversations in Low Volume & [Re]Specting Peoples Quiet Space Near You, Keep YOUR PHONES & FURTHER [de]vices,                                                    VACANT Of Playing MUSIC, VIDEOS & Further, This Means Phone & Further [de]vices OFF When not on a call.                                                                       ~623-465-5288                                                                                                  : NEXT-GETAWAY?