~0. : Personal-Shifting, With : THIS COURSE.                            >> : ZERO-POINT.                                                                                    A MULTI ELEMENT SERIES OF PERSONAL CALLS & MAILINGS, with A MAIN FOCUS of Vacating “DE-MES” tication as a CORE JOURNEY. [ IN FURTHER WORDS,  THINGS THAT WE ARE [PRO]GRAMED THAT KEEP OUR CONSCIOUSNESS SMALL & STY-FULLED ] .                                                                                         This COURSE MORPHS With The PERSON, As They Move Forward In Each NOW-SPACE-Flow Of The Course.                      ~1. : Quantum-Language TOUCH INS, HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT, FLOW OF THE ENERGY/EMOTIONS. WHAT COMES FORWARD IS WHAT YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS IS CALLING FOR & wanting A SHIFT WITH.                                                                                                       : MOVE FORWARD IN A NEW VASTNESS of Personal CLARITY WITH A SHARPENED SET OF KNOWLEDGE.                                ONE RULE OF GROWTH, A DEEP KNOWING-NESS YOU GET HELP WITH, Perseverance-Focusing. : Touch-INS,                 For What You Do Not Know Yet?? : SMILE, THERE ARE SOME NEW WISDOM’S, JUST READY FOR YOU.                                                 :A PERSON Evolves with ~4 SESSIONS or ~8 SESSIONS.               There is a Sliding Scale Contribution.                                             ~4 Sessions, with mailings>> is ~380.00-OR ??                                       ~8 SESSIONS with Mailings>>is ~600.00-OR ??